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Many years by now I am quite intrigued by all the grasses there are in our world. Not only in sorts like grass for cows or golfers, but mostly as grass shows in the 'wild'. Nature we call it. Even if we call it reed or dune grass or weed or grain, grass it is. We walk on it, sport on it, we or the animals eat it. We use it, we look at it. It is present. Always.

Grass is restless as it moves in the wind. Bound to the ground, but yet moving as it fights the wind. It bents and survives. It lives with the wind and whispers to us through that.

Than there is the colour of it changing through seasons as it grows and blossoms in all sorts of greens, yellows or browns to purple and whites even.

I have tried to capture this world of grass in photo as it is, as we experience it: Powerful restless colourful grass. Grass is as common as it is special.

Fifteen of these images will appear in an exposition in Amsterdam in November this year. Together with my images about the culture of living: 'You build your house depending on where you were born'.

An other story of life.

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