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In the 80th and 90th I did a lot of photography for a manufactory of bakery ground materials, included several yearly calendars. One of them for 1992 was on the subject of cutting of dough, bread, marzipan etc. that kept me busy at that time.

This month i found back all the film material of this era I thought was lost for ever. The most interesting work is digitalized now. How surprised I was seeing back my 1992 calendar shots! It is not old school, I still like them. It is the analog period. No Ps, no Lr, not even a computer.

And than, if you realize it is all made analog: multiple exposures, moving objects on black wires, neon tubes, card board mask inside or in front of the Sinar 4 x 5 " camera. Everything on one peace of film. All or nothing. Today I cannot even reconstruct sometimes how I did it.

Here they are again, more bright than ever. Ready for a second life. An exposition of them is in the making.

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