As a photographer for industry, advertising and documentation, working for major contractors in the oil- and offshore industry, infra strucural builders, producers and retailers, now there is also time for other matters. There is more traveling, capturing what I consider remarkable, touching, or just beautifull: showing others what I saw and how I saw it. These images go world wide to magazines, book covers, adds etc.. Most of them you will find with my stock agency Masterfile in Toronto at Another collection you will find at Please contact me about any project you work on, what or where ever, to be realised in photography of durable quality.

Kaaidijk 26
4484 NP Kortgene
P: +31 113301945
M +31 (0)621216950

¡® ¡®Waar ik woon¡¯ (Where I live¡¯). Images of how people build, live. Places, culture and you. 20 numbered prints on 275 grs. Olmac Fine Cotton paper. ¡®

Drieluik Westerschelde¡¯ (Triptych Westerschelde). Same place, different world. Black and white. 3x 35 x 240 cm direct print on aluminium dibond.